It is used by more than 9.6% of developers to build Android apps (source). When developers write any code in Java, they are likely to make errors. But when it comes to Kotlin, it pushes developers to write robust code. So, the variable in Kotlin code cannot hold a null value unless marked “nullable”. Developers who use Kotlin to create mobile apps can use a single codebase compatible with iOS and Android apps.

Keeping the NPE’s in check is utmost important as these are capable enough to hamper the smooth app development process. Google has mainstreamed Kotlin as the programming language for Android app development. Soon after the launch of Android Studio 3.0 in the year 2017, Kotlin replaced Java as a standard programming language. One of the best benefits of choosing Kotlin for Android Application Development is that it reduces the boilerplate code. Because of this, the programmer does not have to write any lengthy or repetitive codes while developing with Kotlin.

Things You Need to Know About Cross-Platform Development In 2023

Moreover, when combined fewer code lines offer more productivity and reduced error fixing. Also, the Java codes can easily be converted with the help of many available tools. The recent surge in the demand of Kotlin programmers can be evident in the fact that some leading apps have migrated from Java to Kotlin. You will definitely find bunches of resources, forums, and sample projects, etc and, therefore, you will not find yourself alone in the market.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin Development Company

It allows access to platform APIs through expect/actual mechanism. The language is a blend of object-oriented as well as functional constructs that can be used in both the programming styles and also with various elements from the two. We are a team of certified WEB 3.0 developers who can help you to take advantage of modern technologies to build innovative web & mobile experiences. We build exceptional mobile and web experiences making the best use of technology and innovation. Our team has experience in developing apps and websites for all businesses from startups to big brands. With the help of tools like Auto-Complete, Syntax Highlighting, Refactoring and Debugging, developing apps using Kotlin is highly efficient.

Future of the Kotlin app

So, it streamlines the migration process which may cause disruptions if there was any other language. Java and Kotlin promote compatibility which works as a favor for developers. Kotlin app development exemplifies interoperability in every form. And also with Java, you can use the libraries and commands with Kotlin. Although developers skip the use of Java and use Kotlin for its interoperability. You can use Kotlin with existing classes without any interrupted issues.

When it comes to its usability, Kotlin has a bunch of tools and frameworks that work with Java. Also, its advanced compiler can check the errors both during compile time and run time. It also brings down the number of lines of code significantly. Kotlin is officially supported by Google for mobile development on Android since the release of Android Studio 3.0 in October 2017.

Interactivity with Android Studio

The concise code, intuitive syntax, and clear coding are the factors that sum up to provide this advantage. With few lines of coding, the development time is lessened thereby reducing time-to-market and thereby supporting upscaled maintenance and scalability aspects. The app’s maintenance will be easier and more affordable as it becomes more fault-proof with Kotlin. In addition to being more compact than Java, Kotlin also speeds up development; rough estimates indicate it can cut up to 40% of code lines.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin Development Company

As it is created with the purpose as mentioned, it can be feasible to call it an enterprise-level programming language. There are many programming languages that are popular in the process of Android app development. However, there is something about Kotlin that makes it set apart from the rest of its competitors. Kotlin is a programming language that is designed and developed by JetBrains. The cross-platform general-purpose programming language has been into existence for almost a decade now.

Importance of Kotlin for Android app development

With the help of inlining, Kotlin improves its performance which is not possible by Java. #8 Nullability Issue Handling
Nullability is one of the unfixed issues in Java which is efficiently addressed in Kotlin. Kotlin places the null right in the type system, thus,  preventing the nullability issues. In fact, all features that the Java is capable of doing, Kotlin replicates all of them (and even more). That means, you can do refactors, debug errors, and everything that you can imagine is there in Kotlin.

The used bowl can be returned at return station & it will reflect on the dashboard. The easiest way to reduce the usage of disposable packaging by reusing used bowls. We follow end-to-end agile product development approach to Deliver robust & scalable Digital Products. Kotlin’s detailed documentation further helps developers get up to speed quickly and provides plenty of references for troubleshooting common problems.

You’ll improve the quality of the apps you build

But if we compare Java and Kotlin from the perspective of Android app development, it would be not wrong to say that this new language for Android has an edge over Java. It brings along the incredible benefit of reusable code to save the time and effort. It doesn’t limit the developers to the common subset of APIs.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin Development Company

Combining all these features helps developers save time, while maintaining complete control over their projects. Kotlin is a multi-platform language used in Android, iOS, web, desktop and embedded systems. The language allows developers to create applications for multiple platforms simultaneously with fewer lines of code than in other languages. Kotlin also provides a wide range of APIs and libraries that can be used to customize the application further.

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