The economic order quantity (EOQ) refers to the ideal order quantity a company should purchase in order to minimize its inventory costs, such as holding costs, shortage costs, and order costs. EOQ is necessarily used in inventory management, which is the oversight of the ordering, storing, and use of a company’s the objective of the economic order quantity is to minimize the total: inventory. Inventory management is tasked with calculating the number of units a company should add to its inventory with each batch order to reduce the total costs of its inventory. Economic order quantity is an inventory management technique that helps make efficient inventory management decisions.

the objective of the economic order quantity is to minimize the total:

This illustrates that the economic order quantity is always in the best interests of the firm. As we know, EOQ base on the assumption of fixed demand, which is not the case in real life. The warehouse, production, and purchasing department need to work closely. They must take action immediately if the demand different from planning. Things like seasonality or big sales can also affect your inventory accuracy.

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

It means ABC needs to place a new purchase order to XYZ when its inventory level reaches 7,071 units. It will help the company to minimize the inventory cost, which includes purchasing cost, ordering cost, and holding cost. The company need to place order 8 times (50,000 units/7,071 units) per year. The EOQ formula helps calculate the optimal order quantity to save money on logistics and ecommerce warehousing costs.

the objective of the economic order quantity is to minimize the total:

EOQ can help you better understand how much you need to re-order and how often. By calculating how much you need based on how much you sell in a given period of time, you can avoid stockouts without having too much inventory on hand for too long. You may be surprised that ordering in smaller quantities may be more cost-effective for your business, or it could be the opposite — calculating EOQ can help determine this. EOQ is also referred to as optimum lot size and inventory management economic order quantity.

To minimize the total ordering costs and carrying costs.

EOQ calculation and analysis can be automated using an efficient inventory management system. It provides the optimum order size that can prevent situations like over-ordering inventory items or running out of stock. EOQ in inventory control can improve operational efficiency and increase profits and cash flow in the organization.

In essence, EOQ is a tool used to determine the volume and frequency of orders required to satisfy a given level of demand while minimizing the cost per order. We can reduce this risk by having a fixed contract with the suppliers and issuing the penalty to them if delivery time does not meet. However, there are still some conditions that are not under the control of suppliers such as storm, earthquake, and other disasters.

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