Negated meanings, have a tendency to in the dexterity directories, is suffice the fresh fundamental purpose of concisely presenting the latest unwanted (age

g. (1)); they often incorporate significantly more advanced meanings discussing the necessary while the suitable, oriented as much as repudiation of the ‘fem’ or ‘generally speaking gay’ characteristics and behaviors (‘staying in new gay business primarily’ inside the (2)). g. Kiesling Reference Kiesling, Coupland and you may Jaworski 2009), inside their essentialized gender distinction and you will undermining off involvement with femaleness. Specifically, much like the designs when you look at the heterosexual interactions (Kiesling Reference Kiesling, Coupland and you will Jaworski 2009) to have to prevent presumptions as possible getting gay, the latest negation models on the pages mirror methods for to avoid presumptions as possible be fem, ‘also gay’, otherwise ‘gay gay’.

Discover resemblance to be seen, actually, anywhere between these types of repudiated masculinities and current profile away from heterosexual manliness build (elizabeth

  1. (3) Gamma (twenty-six, GaySerbia) Obicnog izgleda, sportski suggestion, seksom opsednut, ne gej gej po izgledu 😀 ‘Normal seems, football form of, sex-preoccupied, not gay gay in features :D’

After that, an associated development of distancing is evident regarding pervasiveness regarding the newest bez ‘without/no’ format, allowing to the level, list-like definitions. Bez is a common collocate out-of fem(iniziran) specifically, het danska tjej also away from gej.

You will find resemblance to be noticed, in fact, anywhere between these types of repudiated masculinities additionally the existing account out-of heterosexual manliness structure (age

  1. (4) Taylr (18, Grindr) Bez matorih, bez feminiziranih, bez napaljenih koji bi susret na dogs minuta ‘ No dated guys, zero effeminate ones, no slutty of those trying to find a great five-minute hookup’
  2. (5) MXX (20, PlanetRomeo) molim vas bez :
  3. – gej/strejt fejsbuka i tih fora
  4. – “strejt”batica za drkanje i ortacki oral posto tu jelte nije nista gej, jer je ortacki
  5. – isfeminizaranih karleusasekacecaitd tetkica,nemam nista protiv ali only zero
  6. – nekulturnih, nepismenih (ne volis i newolis nije we nikada nece biti isto)

Along with the address keywords, we come across that the range away from bez surrounds a variety of basics, possibly together with ironic stylizations from ‘undesired others’, or just presenting directories off undesirables that may cover everything from gender demonstration so you can ‘spoken hygienist’ comments (Cameron Site Cameron 2012; cf. Bogetic Site Bogetic 2016) on the advertisement writers’ bad grames out of about three Serbian female pop-folks singers, Jelena Karleusa, Seka Aleksic, and you may Ceca, usually for the terrible cultural taste. Regular in your town salient sources so you can metropolitan/outlying, modern/traditional, ‘cultured’ and you will ‘uncultured’ actually gamble a specific area on the regional structure off appreciated masculinities, once the subsequent talked about on part for the lexical collocation.

Centrally, still, brand new collocation pattern out-of bez which have feminiziran and you will gej reflects distancing away from nonmasculine gay identities and you will from making sexuality an important aspect of your own lifetime

The latest linguistic approach provides a specific feeling versus other styles away from negation, which may determine its prominence about studies: it truly does work thru a good categorical build, worrying that absolutely nothing next malfunction will become necessary, that the meaning of brand new bez region are culturally realized. The connotation of such expert-infused, common-sense negation also lets the brand new translation of some short messages you to definitely solely utilize the bez + noun keywords structure (elizabeth.g. Bez pederske price, tacka ‘No fag story, period’ or Bez feminiziranih ‘No effeminates’), evocative out-of certified, unquestionable signs such ‘Zero talking’ and you can ‘Zero littering’.

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