Tenant ID
The tenant ID is the unique identifier assigned to the Azure AD account. The tenant ID is also automatically generated and can be found in the “Overview” section of the app registration as “Directory (tenant) ID”. This value is entered in the CUSTOM_CFG_MAILBOX_OA_TENANT configuration. Client ID 
The client ID is the unique identifier assigned to this app registration.

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Registration name
The registration name is simply a descriptive name for the app. Users may have multiple apps granting permissions for various Microsoft products to any number of third party entities therefore we suggest something like “Oracle B2C Email”. When setting up mailboxes to use OAuth to connect to Office365 mailboxes you must first create an App Registration on Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory. You may find the answer to your question in the FAQs about the Servis M6666 below.

Client secret
Users must create a client secret under “Certificates & secrets”. Make sure to use the Client Secret value, not the Secret ID. OSvC https://www.gclub.co/winner55-mobile-entrance/ will use this to prove its identity during the OAuth process. This value is entered in the CUSTOM_CFG_MAILBOX_OA_CLIENT_SECRET configuration.

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Select multitenant if you have mailboxes from multiple Azure domains that you want to allow Oracle B2C Service to authenticate. Multitenant account type requires registration with the Microsoft Partner Network, please consult the Microsoft documentation for full details. Account types (single or multitenant)
This setting determines what type of mailboxes can use OAuth for authentication. Any price/listing may not show the most current transactions or may show an occasional data entry error.


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Single tenant supports only mailboxes for the Azure domain in which the app registration is created. For example, if the Azure account is example.onmicrosoft.com, then only mailboxes in the form of can use OAuth for authentication. Single tenant is the most straightforward option for most users.

Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the problem and your question. The better your problem and question is described, the easier it is for other Servis owners to provide you with a good answer. Anne Windfohr Marion could have been a Taylor Sheridan character herself, and has a full Wikipedia page about how cool she was.

The client ID is automatically generated and can be found in the “Overview” section of the app registration as “Application (client) ID”. This value is entered in the CUSTOM_CFG_MAILBOX_OA_CLIENT_ID configuration. As the name implies, multitenant allows any Azure AD account to use OAuth for authenticating.

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